"STEAM" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics)


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Mystery Bag Challenge

For those that are brave enough to accept the challenge, you will be presented with a bag full of goodies, and a challenge to construct the best of the best! There will be three different challenges with mystery supplies and a different item to engineer each time. Can you think on your feet and win the Mystery Bag Challenge?

Cupcake Wars

Students will make cupcakes with a surprise variable.  Each group will be baking 3 times during the STEAM rotation and winners will be announced!

Code Combat

Using the Python programming language, code your way through an adventure game!

Kids Write For Kids

If you are a student with an active imagination and a passion for writing, this STEAM is for you! You will be working to create an original children’s story to be published into an illustrated book. Get ready to use technology, investigate and problems-solve, and (most importantly) think like a kid as you write and design your story.

Photography Experience

Do you enjoy taking pictures and trying to perfectly capture the essence of fleeting moments?Then join the Photography STEAM Experience. Our purpose is to promote creativity through photography, to share and critique the photographs of peers, to educate and improve technical skills, and to spread the love of photography throughout NAMS. 

Mousetrap Cars

Design, build, and test a mousetrap car.


In STEAM-anship, students will demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to design, construct, and sail a boat. As the skipper of your boat, you must test the rough conditions of the sea while racing against time and Captain Jack Sparrow. Safe journey and good fortune.

Domino Effect

Using dominoes, students will discover what forces create the “domino effect.” They will learn about the “domino effect” by researching it and by viewing how dominoes can move objects using the “domino effect.” Students will be divided into random teams and given challenges by their teachers—similar to an Olympic competition. Students will use dominoes and other materials to achieve their challenges which will get more complex as they learn more about the “domino effect.” Their teams will earn points as they attempt to complete their challenges. Teams will also have to work with other teams during these competitions to achieve points.
Teams will earn the most points when they show that they have mastered the “domino effect” based on their technical domino designs.

Green Engineers

Green engineering approaches the design of products and processes by applying financially and technologically feasible processes and products in a manner that simultaneously decreases the amount of pollution that is generated by a source. The Green Engineers STEAM will work directly with Jacobsburg Park and the Nazareth Community to make Nazareth a more sustainable place to live.

Table Top Mini-Golf

Students will use a variety of skills involving scale drawing, finding area, volume, mass, velocity, and  circumference. As well as creating your own name and play card. In the end you will have created a miniature golf course that can be played through (9 or 18 holes).

Projectiles & Catapults

Take aim and shoot!  You will research, develop, and build a catapult and compete in "battles" for accuracy & precision.  We will learn about various types of catapults and trebuchets in history and alter designs to hit different targets.

Theatre Design

Theatre Design will focus on the planning and designing of the set for the NAMS spring musical, The Music Man.  Students will study the script for the musical and come up with an original set design. Students will then create small scale models of their designs and present their plans to the group.

Escape Room Adventures

Create an escape room.

"Won" In A Million 

Do you love Shark Tank? Have you always wanted to start your own business? Or become a millionaire? See if you have what it takes in this STEAM activity where you'll create your own business and present it to an official panel of judges from Lehigh University.  A prize will be awarded to the winning team.

BECS Championship Draft

The Blue Eagle Championship Series is a 6-day sports study about the technology, science, and math of football that concludes with an 8-team winner take all tournament. (Will be covered by Eagle Vision Sports).  During this STEAM activity, each student will be exposed to various forms of technology (Go Pro, Blast Athletic App, Original Drone Video, Schoology and Chromebooks) and will utilize math and science concepts (Newton’s Laws of Motion, Projectile Motion and Parabolas, Kinematics: Position, Velocity and Acceleration, Vectors and Pythagoreans Theorem) that are found everywhere you look on the football field.

Forensic Science

Did you ever want to get to the bottom of a mystery and find out who did it?  Explore the various scientific strategies, observations, and analysis used to gather evidence and solve the problem.  

Magnetic Cars

Students will design and build their own cars using cardboard and other supplies. They will use magnets to propel the cars. They will race the cars against other teams.

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