"STEAM" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics)


*Please watch the screencast below to find out how to sign-up for the STEAM activity of your choice!*

"Won" In A Million

Similar to Shark Tank! Create your own business and become a millionaire! Present your plan to judges to win a prize!

BECS Championship Draft

The Blue Eagle Championship Series is a 6-day sports study about the technology, science, and math of football that concludes with an 8-team winner take all tournament. (Will be covered by Eagle Vision Sports). During this STEAM activity, each student will be exposed to various forms of technology and will utilize math and science concepts that are found everywhere you look on the football field.

Cafe Creations

Students will make food items and testing recipes to sell at the new Middle School Cafe.

Food Marketing

Ever want to be a food test taster? Ever wonder who creates the delicious looking designs on brownie mix boxes? Well join the Food Marketing STEAM and you will get to do BOTH!! Students will test taste food, develop promotional materials, and create nutritional information to display on packaging. Students will work on small teams and be assigned a baking team within the cafe creations STEAM group to brand, promote, and taste their bake good products.

Girl's Empowerment

Impact the community by helping girls build dreams, positive friendships, good communication skills, leadership skills and your legacy for your world. Learn to turn your dreams into a vision, have a positive mindset, and make your voice heard! Girls Only!

Greenpower 2019-2020

Race Teams

This STEAM is reserved for ONLY Greenpower race team members!!!

The STEAM Olympics

Students will be given a different challenge each week to complete in 90 minutes.  Teams will be awarded points based on how well they complete the challenges.

Magnetic Cars

Students will build and race their own magnetic cars using provided materials. They will research a current Formula 1 team and model their car to match it. They will race their car against other teams' cars.

Making the Band

Making the Band is an incredible journey that will challenge you to work with others to create a successful U.S. tour for a musical band. You will  work as a designer, strategist, buyer, accountant, and administrator while experiencing the highs and lows of different variables that might alter your plans dramatically as the tour unfolds. Can you make adjustments, think on the fly, and come up with the perfect strategy to create the highest-grossing tour? This STEAM course is for creative students who can think on their feet to make quick, accurate decisions and calculations while learning through trial and error. Math enthusiasts and those who love strategic challenges will love this course! Rock on!

B.F.F. Competition

Students will be competing in an Engineering triathalon! You will be challenged in a building competition, flying competition, and a floating competitioin. Do you have what it takes to be the B.F.F. Champion?


BYOSUP students will research, design, construct and decorate an original stand up paddleboard. Paddleboards will be constructed from card board, duct tape, and chosen recyclable materials. Upon completion of the custom board, each student will test his/her paddleboarding skills in the rough waters of the "Gulf of Nazareth". YOU WILL BE IN THE POOL EVERY DAY! Sunglasses and straw hats are optional!

Cafe Design

Do you have an interest in designing and building beautiful functional spaces? During your time in Café Design you will design an actual café, build comfortable seating, paint murals, construct mosaic pieces within the café, and so much more! Join us, and allow your creative spirit to soar!

Code Combat

Learn to code with the Python programming language, in an adventure game format, where you have to code the task correctly in order to move on to the next level.

Domino Effect

Using dominoes, students will discover what forces create the “domino effect.” They will learn about the “domino effect” by researching it and by viewing how dominoes can move objects using the “domino effect.” Students will be divided into random teams and given challenges by their teachers—similar to an Olympic competition. Students will use dominoes and other materials to achieve their challenges which will get more complex as they learn more about the “domino effect.” Their teams will earn points as they attempt to complete their challenges. Teams will also have to work with other teams during these competitions to achieve points.
Teams will earn the most points when they show that they have mastered the “domino effect” based on their technical domino designs.

Forensic Science

Did you ever want to get to the bottom of a mystery and find out who did it? Explore the various scientific strategies, observations, and analysis used to gather evidence and solve the problem.

Green Engineers

In small groups, students will figure out ways to create products ("suitable to sell") from items that would have been discarded and thrown away. Additionally, students will create a short video commercial that sells the products to potential buyers. Finally, students will attempt to sell their products at the parent-teacher conferences. Proceeds will go to a local organization.

Mystery Bag Challenge

For those that are brave enough to accept the challenge, you will be presented with a bag full of goodies, and a challenge to construct the best of the best! There will be three different challenges with mystery supplies and a different item to engineer each time. Can you think on your feet and win the Mystery Bag Challenge?

Rube Goldberg Machines

Want to create an ultimate maze of twists and turns as you send a marble on a thrilling journey? In this STEAM, students will experiment in designing simple machines using everyday objects with the final goal of combining their machines into one complex machine in the style of Rube Goldberg.