"STEAM" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics)


*Please watch the screencast below to find out how to sign-up for the STEAM activity of your choice!*

Attention 7th Grade! Check out all of the STEAM activities below that you can signup for. Remember to only signup for ONE or we will place you in an activity!


Forensic Science

Did you ever want to get to the bottom of a mystery and find out who did it? Explore the various scientific strategies, observations, and analysis used to gather evidence and solve the problem.

Cafe Design

Do you have an interest in designing and building beautiful functional spaces? During your time in Café Design you will design an actual café, build comfortable seating, paint murals, construct mosaic pieces within the café, and so much more! Join us, and allow your creative spirit to soar!

Cafe Creations

Students will make food items and testing recipes to sell at the new Middle School Cafe.

Renewable Energy Creations

In this STEAM, students will be learning about different forms of renewable energy and will be designing and creating their own wind turbines competing with the other groups to see who can generate the most energy.

3D String Art

A mindful and relaxing activity that combines a love of creating and creativity. You will research a pattern, hammer nails into the pattern you chose, then wrap string around nails to create something beautiful to hang up or give as a gift. Fun and easy to learn.

WWE Challenge

Description in the works...

Creating a Culture

Students will create an entirely new culture, located anywhere in the world, with unique features such as language, music, clothing, transportation, shelter, art, food, etc.

Theater Design

Design and create props for the NAMS Spring Musical: Frozen Jr! Students will be expected to think creatively and work efficiently to create unique objects to be used in our spring musical this year.

Rubik's Cubers

Have you ever wondered how to solve a Rubiks cube?  Well now you can! Learn how to solve the cube, along with advanced methods and algorithms to solve one faster.  Anyone can solve this puzzle, do you have what it takes?

Sudsy Soap

In Sudsy Soap Sales, students will discover how to create and manufacture their own bars of soap. Students will have the opportunity to select their soaps scent, target customer, and ingredients. Along the way, they will learn about the history of soap, the chemistry involved in soap making (as well as other household products and cosmetics), and how to work with a marketing team in order to sell and market your latest soap creation!

Competitive Advertising

This activity is for students who enjoy being creative in various media formats while working, communicating, and competing in a group setting.  Students will learn the basics of creating an advertising campaign. They will create a logo for their product, create a print ad (poster), write and film a commercial to sell their product.  Students will be assigned groups that will be competing against each other, culminating in the final presentation to the Shark Tank to earn the contract from the fictitious company.

Code Combat

Learn to code with the Python programming language, in an adventure game format, where you have to code the task correctly in order to move on to the next level

Food Marketing

Ever want to be a food taste tester? Ever wonder who creates the delicious looking designs on brownie mix boxes? Well join the Food Marketing STEAM and you will get to do BOTH!! Students will test taste food, develop promotional materials, and create nutritional information to display on packaging. Students will work on small teams and be assigned a baking team within the cafe creations STEAM group to brand, promote, and taste their baked good products.

SKIN it with Calculators

Students will be designing SKINS to adhere to the school calculators.

FITTness and Food

During this STEAM Activity, students will be utilizing the FITT principle to complete a series of workouts that will improve their overall level of fitness.  Along with participating in the workouts, students will also be discussing some dietary guidelines and healthy food choices to help their bodies continue to grow and develop in a healthy manner.

Travel Agency 

Dream Vacation

Students will plan their dream vacation from the perspective of a travel agent. They will create a trip itinerary with a pre-set budget amount. They will also make a travel brochure and map of their destination.

Young Women as Inventors & Engineers

Ladies, Do you have a creative mind? Do you like to find new uses for everyday objects? Do you see yourself as an inventor or entrepreneur? Then this STEAM may be for YOU! You will be able to create your own invention and who knows; you may want to take it further and sell it!


Fly Fishing

This is an introductory course for fly fishing and fly tying. The course will also allow for exploration of natural habitat of insect(Entomology) as well as understanding our Coldwater fisheries and education on how to conserve these natural environments with a focus on promoting educated anglers.