Dear Parent,


Middle school is a time of great change in the lives of our students, and there are many instances where parents and students need assistance in coping with situations that may negatively affect a child’s experience in school or at home.


The Nazareth Area Middle School LINKS team (Looking at Issues Necessary for Kids’ Success) works collaboratively in a trusting environment to remove barriers to student success. Its objective is to identify at-risk behaviors and recommend an appropriate course of action.

As the school year progresses, the LINKS team wants you to be aware that help is available if you see any negative changes in your child’s behavior, such as:

  • Withdrawal from family, friends or school

  • Change of friends

  • Unexplained physical injuries

  • Talk about suicide

  • Depression

  • Defiance of authority

  • Aggressive actions

  • Lying

  • Needing money without an explanation

  • Sudden drop in grades

  • Experimentation with drugs or alcohol

  • Dealing with divorce of parents

  • Family relocation

  • Relationship problems

  • Traumatic events such as the death of a loved one

How Does My Child Become Involved in the Program?


Your school's LINKS team will help you to find services and assistance within the school and, if needed, in the community. We do not diagnose, treat, or refer your child for treatment. Rather, we will provide you with information; you make the choices. Remember, you are part of our team. Our goal is to help every child succeed in school.


Students come to the LINKS team in different ways. Anyone can refer a student to the LINKS team. School staff members, a student's friend or family member can let the LINKS team know that they are worried about someone. The students themselves can even go directly to the LINKS team to ask for help. However, the LINKS team will not become involved unless parent permission is received.

For further information, please visit your child’s counselor.